A Blog, You Say


I’ve done a bit of an overhaul here on my website—it’s been a few years since I last updated it, and one of the features I’ve decided to not only add, but to actually make the centerpiece of this website is…of all things, a blog.

Yes. A blog. You may be asking yourself, “a blog?” Why would he want to start a blog, of all things?” Or, more likely, you’re probably not asking yourself anything, because you’re probably not here reading this post—because it’s 2022 and this is a blog post.

Back in the wild west of the Internet, I had one of these things. And then, life got busy (and busier), and the world moved away from them. Observations that once took place in the form of short essays are far more likely to take place in a pithy paragraph-sized thought (or short line-by-line sentences that…make…you…click “read more”…and keep…scrolling) on LinkedIn—or in a batch of quick, meandering thoughts on Twitter.

And who exactly is seeking out long-form content in disparate places on the web when bite-sized content is easily accessible in self-contained ecosystems?